Vegetables are
brought by women
but men buy fruits
for their families
in India!


to ONE

Do cities create
communities or
do the people create
the cities - codes
& behaviours?
Imagining and creating a atta brand,
for mind-share,
marketshare and heart share

We at Future Ideas
work to create the Idea
economy. Ideas have currency
and create human progress.
Ideas build and transform
the world.

We at Future Ideas
take deep pride in
empathizing with consumers.
We are NOT hired consultants
but Idea Partners that work
with you as seekers to deliver
solutions. We are facilitators.
We believe in collaboration.

We at Future Ideas build
values and scenarios and
create Ideas that can impact
Businesses, Organizations,
Individuals and Society.

We at Future Ideas work to
create Intellectual Property
for you NOT for money alone
but for the belief in Ideas
and the power embedded in

We at Future Ideas are
humbled that you give us a